EyesOnDesignCarShow.com Is Now Part of EverybodyCar.com

EverybodyCar Acquires Celebrated Automotive Design Exhibition Website, EyesOnDesignCarShow.com

June 10th, 2023 – In a historic move in the automotive world, EverybodyCar, a top-tier digital platform delivering in-depth car reviews and buyer insights, today announced the acquisition of the esteemed www.eyesondesigncarshow.com, the website representing the renowned EyesOn Design Car Show.

EyesOn Design, otherwise known as the original automotive design event in America, sets itself apart through its unique focus on automotive design rather than mere collectibility. The EyesOn Design show, an exclusive annual event, meticulously selects between 200 and 300 vehicles based on the year’s theme, creating a spectacle that has become a must-visit in the automotive events calendar.

EverybodyCar, under the dynamic leadership of founder Anthony Almeda and content creator Mason Cole, has experienced remarkable growth since its beginnings as an innovative startup in Spain. The platform is highly respected for providing extensive car reviews and vital content to aid car buyers in making informed purchasing decisions.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome www.eyesondesigncarshow.com into the EverybodyCar family,” declares Almeda. “This acquisition not only bridges the gap between car buying and design appreciation but also opens new doors for our community of car enthusiasts around the globe.”

EyesOn Design, notably the 25th annual EyesOn Design Automotive Design Exhibition, has made philanthropy a key part of its mission. A portion of the event’s ticket proceeds supports the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology (DIO), funding research, education, and support groups for the visually impaired.

In acquiring http://www.eyesondesigncarshow.com, EverybodyCar seeks to maintain and amplify EyesOn Design’s philanthropic legacy while presenting its design-centered ethos to a broader global audience. “With this partnership, we are committed to preserving the essence of EyesOn Design while leveraging our digital expertise to enhance the user experience on the Eyes on Design homepage and beyond,” adds Mason Cole.

The acquisition of http://www.eyesondesigncarshow.com by EverybodyCar marks an exciting new chapter in the world of automotive design and purchasing guidance. This synergy is set to offer car enthusiasts and prospective buyers an unparalleled mix of design appreciation, informative content, and trusted purchasing advice.





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